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        Well, my original plan was to preach Revelation 1-3 only–“Renovation” was the name of the sermon series. Then, as the calendar worked out, there were only a couple of Sundays between the end of “Renovation” and Easter. So I thought, “Why not preach Revelation 4-5 to fill the gap? They are kind of stand-alone chapters (so I thought!) and they present the Lord God so majestically!” So “Renovation” got extended. Little did I realize that doing that would draw me further into the book. You have probably guessed where this is going. God willing and God helping I will preach through the rest of Revelation. We will call the sermon series simply “Revelation” (no “s” on the end) and will begin with Revelation 6 on May 10. Please pray for God to reveal to us what we need to see in this last book of the Bible. And why not invite a friend to worship with us? The book of Revelation is intriguing to many. – Pastor Tom


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