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        God Answers

        150 150 Journey Church

        I want to share how God answered a longstanding prayer of mine so that you can rejoice with me and so that you will be encouraged in your prayer life with God.

        I first began praying for a husband for my daughter when she was very young. I do not remember her specific age, but I would guess that it was sometime during her preschool years. God had blessed Sue Ann and me with a precious daughter. After having lost children through miscarriage before and after the birth of our daughter, we became aware that she was indeed a special gift from God.

        So I began to pray in advance for a husband for her. But how to pray? What would I like to characterize the man to whom I would one day give my daughter in marriage? What did I want to ask of God in this regard?

        I may have begun with a longer list of traits, I don’t remember clearly, but pretty early on my prayer settled down to this main request: “Lord, please bring her a godly man with whom she can serve you.”

        Year after year I prayed, “Lord, bring her a godly man with whom she can serve you.” I did not know in what way they would serve the Lord. I was not praying specifically that they would enter vocational Christian ministry. I just wanted them to be devoted to living their lives for Jesus whatever career path they walked.

        God has answered my prayer! God brought to our daughter a godly man. Each of them is devoted to the Lord and now, having been married in July, together they are serving the Lord Jesus. They pray together, worship together, and serve together.

        In fact, they will soon be moving to Iowa City where my son-in-law has joined the staff of our sister EFree church to work in the youth ministry.

        I am so grateful for how God has answered my prayer! God indeed answers!

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