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        “Your Identity in Jesus”
        Reading Plan

        Begins June 2024

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        Weekly Reading Plan

        Links for each Scripture are provided. You can also download the reading plan as a PDF.

        June 3-7

        Examine My Heart

        Psalm 51:10 | Question: What is your understanding of this verse? Pretty words or have you sought
        God for a radical change in YOUR heart?
        Psalm 51:17 | Question: How has your heart “broken” before God?

        June 10-14

        God’s Character

        Psalm 18:30 | Question: How can reflection on God’s faithfulness help you trust Him today?
        Exodus 34:6 | Question: What does God’s “steadfast love” mean in your life?

        June 17-21

        The Love of Jesus

        John 15:9 | Question: How do you “abide” in Jesus’ love from a practical standpoint?
        Romans 5:8 | Question: What is the greatest act of love? How have you responded to Jesus’ love for you?

        June 24-28

        New in Jesus

        John 3:5-6 | Question: Are you “born of the Spirit”? How do you know?
        2 Corinthians 5:17 | Question: What does it mean to your life to be “in Christ”? How have you changed because of this?

        July 1-5

        The God of Hope

        Psalm 42:11 | Question: Do you praise God when things in your life are not going well?
        Romans 15:13 | Question: Do you ever lose hope? Read the verse again!

        July 8-12

        Adopted by Jesus

        Romans 8:15 | Question: What does being called a son/daughter of Christ mean to you?
        Galatians 4:6-7 | Question: Probe the depth of this verse. What does it mean to you that you can call God
        “Daddy” (Abba)?

        July 15-19

        Forgive One Another

        Matthew 18:21-35 | Question: What is preventing you from forgiving “another”?
        Ephesians 4:30-32 | Question: Is it possible to obey this command in your own strength? Why?

        July 22-26

        Reconciled To God

        Romans 5:10-11 | Question: How does this verse make you feel?
        2 Corinthians 5:16-19 | Question: What does it mean that you have been entrusted with the “message of

        July 29-Aug 2

        God Is Near

        Deuteronomy 31:7-8 | Question: How do you know that the LORD is “with you”?
        Matthew 28:18-20 | Question: How do you “feel” knowing God is always with you?

        Aug 5-9

        Created by God

        Genesis 1:26-27 | Question: What does it mean to you that you were “created in God’s image”?
        Ephesians 2:8-10 | Question: How do you “feel” knowing that God has designed you for HIS service?

        Aug 12-16

        Freedom In Jesus

        John 8:31-32 | Question: How does the “truth set you free”?
        Galatians 5:1 | Question: What does “freedom in Christ” mean to you?

        Aug 19-23

        Changed By The Spirit

        John 14:15-17 | Question: In what ways does knowing that the “Helper” lives in you, strengthen you?
        Romans 12:1-2 | Question: In what practical ways do you present your “body as a living sacrifice”?

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